Monday, July 8, 2013

Mini-Math Monday. My dice obssession.

Do you love dice as much as I do? Because I LOVE them!! They have always been one of my favorite centers! There is nothing you can't do with dice! One year I gave them as Christmas gifts to my students along with several pages of math games we had been playing in class. They were SUCH a hit! I know we like to give cutesy gifts at Christmas... but you should REALLY consider giving dice! Games to play with dice: add 2 dice together.. write out the equation on a dry erase board, roll dice and subtract, roll three dice and add, roll three dice & add two two of them together and subtract the third, roll and multiply, roll to see how far to advance on the game board, roll and cover that many squares on your hundreds chart... it's endless.   I LOVE the idea of the containers!!  I saw this on pinterest and the photo links back to the original pin if you want to repin it.  I never actually did this in my class, but wish I had.. oh my gosh those dice can fly!

What games do you play with your dice? If you sell games on TpT, I don't mind you linking to your cool dice game! If you do, just tell how you play the game!


  1. I totally smiled when I saw your picture in my bloglovin feed. I just purchased more of these exact same containers yesterday for this very reason! =) Another great way to use these is to put just one die in each of 5 containers for Travel Yahtzee (if you don't happen to have the Travel Yahtzee game). I highly suggest investing in dodecahedral dice as well! Great for times tables practice. Another thing we use these small containers for is miniature animal figurines that we use as playing pieces for games, otherwise they tend to disappear.


  2. My students love the small dice within a big dice. There are so many ways to use them, even with positive and negative numbers. I have a game in my store for the older kids called Bug Mania which uses die.

  3. Do you have an email address I could use to send you something? I want to nominate your blog for an award!
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  4. I am so glad you posted this. Thank you for the ideas. I'll be checking back to see what I can "steal."

  5. I love this idea too. I did it this year and it saved so many headaches! I worked with K-5 this year and some of my older kids would make a point to try to shake it as hard as they could and actually cracked a few (I bought the super cheapo containers). Needless to say we had some procedural practice for how to use materials properly :) It was SO nice not having to see kids waste instructional time chasing dice around though!

  6. I have a fun game with dice that I use on my SMART Board! I do sell it at TpT - The Place Value Path Game for SMART Board - and one of the great things about it is that it is so easily modified for students working at various levels! :) Since I'm moving from fifth grade to 2/3 next year I'll definitely have to get some of those containers!!

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom