Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Does your school have smartboards?

We had two smartboards on our campus.  I eventually had one..but it was broken! LOL The projector worked on it, so I used it.  Since I didn't have a smartboard, I was given an eBeam, which turns your white board into a smartboard... I am not able to mount a projector from my ceiling (portable building) so I took the broken Smartboard!   Gotta love technology!

Anyway, the projector on it went out so it was doubly dead.  Had maintenance take it from the room.  I completely redecorated the room..or at least the furniture in the room!  The eBeam has a USB cord that goes in your computer, so it has to be nearby your desk.  So after the redecoration, I finally have a smartboard again.  Well, an interactive whiteboard...to be politically correct! :)

What is in your room?  Smart?  Mimio?  eBeam?


  1. My school does not have smart boards. I wish we did....BUT, we have a smart 3rd grade math teacher who somehow managed to turn his WII into a smart board. I don't know how he did it, but it works. As for me, I'm just going to use the old-fashioned board for now.
    :-) Happy 4th of July! -Karen at Growing Smart Readers

  2. Karen.. you wouldn't believe me when I say I made my own Wii Smartboard several years ago!! Then went on to ATTEMPT to put it in all of our second grade classrooms before going on to the rest of the building!! Attempt because each computer was so completely different, it was just mass confusion trying to get them to all work!! I finally had to give up on the others. Strangely, mine always worked!! It's definitely the way to go for under $35!!!

  3. My entire district (including preschool) has Promethean Boards in every, single classroom! They varied in predictability the first few years but the district has finally gotten the hand on maintaining them well. We realized over the years that DUST is the biggest killer. Keep all your parts clean on you new WB.

    Kindergarten Corps

  4. We have Mimios in many of our classroom, although some have Smartboards. This summer I plan on attending some technology workshops. My kiddos love this interactive board. This summer I need to explore new motivating lessons that align with the Common Core. Hopefully, someday I can create some of my own Mimio lessons to share. 123kteacher.blogspot.com

  5. Our K-2 and all special education classrooms have a smart-board. Since I don't teach those, we would frequently "borrow" a friend's classroom during their specials time to use it. We are supposed to be getting an eBeam like device (I don't think the district even knows what they are choosing yet) in all other grades in two years.

  6. Let me just say you'll LOVE your eBeam!! It doesn't take up any extra room like a SMARTboard does!

  7. I love the SMART Board! Before we had them chalkboard space limited the amount of material that could be presented during a lesson. With the invention of the SMART Board, new material can be presented in an instant with the turn of a slide.

    Zoom Zoom Classroom

  8. Zoom Zoom... I have never had an ACTUAL Smartboard!! Where you could switch out pens and touch and move!

    I made myself one of the Wii Smartboards.. have used a Mimio bar that sticks to your whiteboard, and an eBeam.

    Smart has completely opened up the world of teaching and learning!