Thursday, July 4, 2013

How about a Game Show FREEBIE for Kindergarten!

I LOVE this game and so have a bunch of others who have caught this on Pinterest!  I want to make sure my followers here get to see it!  A quick, fun way to practice Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten MATH. This powerpoint game can also be played on your SMARTboard. 
 Students take turns as they call out an animal and a number. Click on the square they have chosen to reveal a question. The students can now use their whiteboards or notebook paper to write their answers. Click the space again to reveal the answer. If the student whose turn it was got it correct, he can click the sound icon to hear the applause! Click one more time and the question completely disappears. This just helps to see which questions are left on the game board.
This game includes K.CC, K.OA, K.NBT, K.MD, and K.G
I'd love to hear your feedback on this one!


  1. I absolutely LOVE this. You are incredibly creative. Can I post this activity on my blog to share with followers? This is the best freebie I've seen on TPT. I can't wait to share this activity with my students next year.

  2. Tiny,
    I love this! I gave feedback on TPTs a while back, and I just found your blog via the TPT's forum. You have really great products.
    Comprehension Connection

  3. Wow! This was so much fun. I just downloaded it and played the game with my five year old. He loved it. I am so impressed that you did this as a freebie. Thank you!

    Polliwog Place