Friday, September 20, 2013

5 Questions With Teacher-Author Tiny Toes

I am beyond excited to tell you that I am this week's Teacher-Author on the TpT blog!!!  Talk about completely humbling!  Here is a link to the post:

Beginning of the Year Testing

Halfway through testing the classes for Beginning of Year testing. We'll do this each 9 weeks prior to report cards. We test on colors, shapes, upper and lower case letters, the sounds of the letters, numbers, and writing their first name. We have a LOT to cover this year!

We learn in many ways.. through tracing, computer games, creating with playdoh, iPods, shaving cream.. you name it! Lots of practice in different ways.... keeps us all happy!

Are you able to test your little guys successfully without an aid in the room to help?  I thought it was going to be very difficult, but our learning centers have made the testing pretty easy going.  They know their groups now and have down the use of the centers.  One happy teacher here!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Johnny Appleseed's birthday

What better way to celebrate Johnny Appleseed's birthday, but with a game! I can't wait to share this upper and lower case alphabet interactive game with my little guys. We are just now introducing the letters, so I know it will be early for many of them. I know they will have fun with the graphics anyway. I'll take pictures and let you know how they did.

Number 3

Beginning of school has been busy, busy. I am doing Beginning of the Year testing on each of the small fries, which I get done during center time. We are looking at the number 3 this week. We are counting unifix cubes, building little snowmen with me, and stamping the unifix cubes into playdoh. We are also stringing together groups of 3 colors or shapes onto yarn for necklaces and counting out groups of 3 buttons in similar colors. What special things do you do when working with lower numbers? I know I'll be taking out the paints this week as we study the number 3.