Thursday, December 12, 2013

When the little red-headed girl moves.

What do you do when the little red-headed girls moves away?  You know, the little one that has tugged at your heartstrings since the first day of school.  The one that makes the goofiest comments and always brings a smile to your face.

In my case, it's not a red-headed girl, it's a blond-headed boy.  He "says" he is moving.  Of course, we hear that all the time and most of the time it is inaccurate/misinterpreted information.  But when he said he was moving, all I could think was NOOOOO.. not this one!!  He is such a doll!  He is super in love with me! LOL  He is like Flight of the Bumblebees on Steriods as he flits about in front of me, holding my hand or my leg.

Hoping I won't have to say goodbye.  But if I do, the hug farewell will be filled with some really wonderful memories.

#PEGS  #dimplesareagirlsbestfriend


  1. Awe, I hope he isn't going! I have one little darling that tells me every day that it's her mother's birthday! Let's hope he's mistaken!

    1. That's so cute!! I had a little girl last year who always invited me to her house for her birthday. It was ALWAYS her birthday! I saw her and Dad a week ago at the store and she invited me again. Her dad looked at her.. You know it's not your birthday!! I told him, Yeah, heard that a lot last year! LOL