Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

The last day of 2013.. I can't believe it's already here.  This year has literal flown on by!  This is my second year in PreK and I love that God placed me with such precious children.  I saw one during the break and it just warmed my heart.  Hubs got to see her (I talk about her all the time!) and said again and again that he couldn't stop smiling after seeing her hug me and just the look on her face and the excitement in her voice.

I will be getting a student teacher in just a couple of weeks.  Very excited to have her join me and my little family.  I have such special stories of each kiddo that it might even be difficult for me to share them!  Gosh!  That sounds bad!!  I am such a mother hen when it comes to my babies!

Here are a few things that I'll be looking forward to for the new year! HUGE thanks to Peach for the Teach for this fabulous link up!


  1. Love your resolutions, Jo! Being a great role model for your student teacher will be beneficial to both of you! ~Denise

  2. Hi there! I enjoyed reading your resolutions! I need to stop making excuses for exercising, too. Your student teacher is lucky to have you! Thanks for linking up! Happy New Year!