Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hope for the holidays.

I couldn't wait to sit down with my little guys to make the snowman handprint ornaments.  I showed them all a picture from online of what it would look like.  They have always loved the feel of their hands being painted.  They giggle and say how much it tickles.  I put them in their center groups and one group at a time they come to me for the ornament project.

Once I start painting on the scarf, eyes, hat, and carrot nose, the snowman comes to life!  Seeing their little hand turning into a work of art just amazes them.

It was time for specials, so I lined them all up and we walked to Music class.  I came back to my room and sat and worked on as many ornaments as I could get to while they were gone.  As I sat there, I fell in love with what I was seeing.  Memories being made.  A snapshot of each child on this very day of his or her life.

I was painting on some carrot noses when it occurred to me just why we take so much time with the kids to do these "silly" "time consuming" projects.  For memories.  We do them for the many Mama's and the Daddy's who, unfortunately, have faced tragedies.  I have given memories to the Mama whose TWO kids I had who perished in a house fire.  Teachers give memories to those families whose children have been take away by idiot gunmen who come and take our babies from us.  It's heartbreaking.  Those were the thought that went through my mind as I painted on details.

It was time to pick up my lovelies from Music, when I met up with my partner teacher.  She looked at me and said, "There's been another shooting in Colorado."  I couldn't believe it.  The very thing I had been thinking.  Just wanted to hold them all so close to me.

An ornament will never replace a Mama's baby.  But hopefully it be a memory she can hang on her tree to remember today's moment in time.

[To make these ornaments, just paint your child's hand white and place an ornament in their hand.   Take the pointed end of a paintbrush and dot on snow.  When the handprint has dried, add on a warm cap and a scarf.  Use the end of the paintbrush again to add perfect dotted eyes and mouth.  Use a small brush to dab on the carrot nose. That's it!  Make sure to add the child's name and year on the bottom or back of the ornament.]

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  1. Joan this was beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I did parent gifts this year as well and will continue to do so. You're right, it's all about creating memories.