Friday, December 6, 2013

Can I just share my two favorite FB Freebies?!!!

I am brand new to a couple of the sellers' stores on TpT and am SO thankful I clicked through today and found some INCREDIBLE freebies!  Wait until you see what I downloaded:

First this beautiful set of winter kiddos from Lindy Du Plessis.

The other freebie I fell in love with was from Okinawangirl 

Her item was an Interactive Numbers activity with precious little stockings and gingerbread men. Click either picture to go to her FB page to download!!  I can't wait to use this!!


  1. OH MY! I am so honoured to be featured on your blog JoAn!

    You have just totally made my day - thank you so much!

    Best wishes,

    OkinawanGirl Lisa

  2. Loved their resources!!!

  3. These are terrific resources! I loved using them too!

  4. Great resources! Thanks for sharing! I love both of those sellers!

  5. Thanks for your support JoAn!! I'm smiling from ear to ear today!!

    Lindy du Plessis

  6. I love the clip art and activities. Thanks so much for sharing!