Monday, February 24, 2014

Through the eyes of the kids.

When a four year old can direct her peers as to how to stand and then tells them, "OK, now put your arms up and yell 'Friends!' then it's time for her to have her own camera!

That's just what happened with one of mine recently.  She had the poses going on with 'do this' and 'do that.'  All the while, taking tons of shots.

Now, were they any good?  Eh, a few of them were.  Mostly, a bunch of blurry shots from trying to do it too quickly.  But who am I to discourage a future photographer?  Last Friday, the JROTC from the high school came to our campus for a presentation.  At the time, I was trying to get some apps on my ipods. So, what better time for my little one to put her skills into action?!  She had that camera going at EVERY angle you can imagine AND with the biggest smile on her face.  It was priceless!  Again, about two came out with good composition and no blur.  I can honestly say that the ipod is the camera of choice for anyone's wedding or special event.  LOL

Putting ipods in the hands of your students is the best thing you could ever do.  We've been on shape hunts and color hunts.  But we can also look for stages of life cycle of a plant, or begin a collection of types of clouds.  It's endless.

Have you put a camera in your students' hands?  How have you used them in your teaching?

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