Saturday, February 15, 2014

Augmented Reality Fun with colAR Mix Plus, a Tutorial.

Think 4 year olds are too young for augmented reality?  If you said, "Yes!" you're wrong!!  Take a look at this video (parental permission) of 4 and 5 year old PreK students at their first look at augmented reality (AR).

I put the colAR Mix app on my ipads/ipods and downloaded ALL of the coloring sheets that were available on the colARapp website.  One set of coloring pages is free, the others are all paid.  Since I loved several pages from each, I went ahead and got them all and I am SO GLAD I did!!  I would highly recommend them all.

At first glance they look like regular coloring pages, but they're not.  Not at all!  Once you've downloaded the colAR coloring pages of your choice, allow the students to color them using map pencils, crayons, or markers.  Now, be aware that coloring too dark near the outlines will keep the app from 'catching' the picture.  Also, the app does like to have some white in the background as well.  Both help the app identify the page.

 Go to your colAR app on your device and touch the Play! icon.  Position your device over the colAR coloring page, about 12 inches away or until the screen turns blue and "locks" your picture.  If this is your first time to use it, you'll know it has activated when your jaw drops and your eyes get real big! LOL

Now the fun really begins!  There is so much to explore now that the picture is activated.  Making sure that the entire page is still in the screen, move the device slowly down to in front of the page like the boy has done in this picture.  It will give you the front view.  You can move in closer to see the picture bigger.  Sometimes, there is an icon on the screen for that particular picture.  If there is, make sure to touch it to see what happens!  It is hard wrapping your mind around the inanimate paper coming to life!  But the animation takes on the coloring you've done.

This app is definitely one that you'll enjoy as much as the students.  It is for ANY grade level.


  1. Wow that looks like they had a GREAT time!!! Thank you for the AWESOME directions so others can do this too.

  2. I am pretty positive my two little preschoolers at home would LOVE this app. I love the look of your blog and your content. I am a new follower :)
    Curious Firsties

    1. Thanks Em! Glad to have you here! I was at a technology conference recently and am trying to blog on all the things I learned there. Trying them out with my PreKinders, then posting. I assure you, your preschoolers will LOVE this.. and you will too!!

  3. Those shrieks are priceless! We have downloaded this app, but haven't played around with it too much yet. We are going to have to do that. Thanks for sharing!

    Teaching Momster

  4. Oh my goodness!!! This app is AMAZING! We don't have wifi at school yet, so I had to wait until I got home to download the app. My high school and college-aged boys LOVED it! I printed off all of the pages, downloaded the additional packets, brought everything to school today and now all of the other iPad teachers can't wait to go home and download the app, too! Even the office secretary was coloring pages this morning just to see the pictures come to life! Thanks for sharing!

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