Sunday, February 24, 2013

The cute little red-headed girl.

OK, so she is NOT a red-head, but when I think of this little girl, Charlie Brown's little red headed girl comes to mind!

We have a new girl in Kindergarten at our school who is, shall we say, out of the box. I only get to see her during bus line duty in the afternoons where you can find her rolling around the floor. I won't go into the rest of the behaviors, but there are many. After a few days of her being here I knew there had to be SOME kind of solution. Well, it was as easy as a box of crayons. This little one needed to be loved. I am now her "art teacher" in the afternoons. Actually, this only entails a coloring book and some direction, but she has my heart! Recently, she has been asking for a page that has dinosaurs on it. Which leads me to my story...

I was so happy to find just the right dinosaur pages for my sweetie. I was giddy with excitement (yes, I really was) for the end of the day to come so that I could show them to her. She was thrilled to see her dinosaurs! I was watching my bus line and she'd run over and ask which color to use and I'd walk her back to her desk (which she is the only one of about 500 kids in the gym with a personal desk and entertainment at her disposal). We talked about which colors would be fun to use for the little triangle pieces on the dinosaurs back.

She comes to me again with some interesting dinosaur facts. Case in point... Her: Did you know that pterodactyls are purple? Me: Yes, I did know that! Her: And they also pee. Me (trying to breeze right past that one): Yes, everyone pees. Her: NO!! I said they are also PINK!! Me: OH!! You're right, they surely are! And, yes, I quickly walk back to my bus line trying to not let her see me laughing at my mistake! =D

Have a fun bus duty story? I'd love to hear it! JoAn


  1. Hi JoAn!
    I enjoyed your story! I don't have a good bus duty story, but if I did it wouldn't be as cute- I teach middle school! My children are older now, but I miss the preschool stage so much that I often wonder if a teaching switch is in order.
    Good luck with your blog!

  2. Mine's not quite a funny "story" per se, but as a Speech-Language Pathologist, I do have quite a few "misunderstood you" moments. One of my favorite kiddos ever didn't know mister from miss, AND he was missing the s, r, j, and l sounds when I first met him. A little problematic when my name is Miss Julie... for the first few weeks that I working with him, I was Mister Julie, which he pronounces as Midduh Doowee. Good times!

  3. Such a darling story. She will definitely remember you and the fact that you cared about her. Nice job!