Thursday, February 28, 2013

Old school technology?

When I came to my school 9 years ago, there was hardly any technology in the classrooms.  The overhead projector was the biggest piece of "technology" there was.  We taught sitting by the projector and were 'interactive' when we let the students come to the projector to write on it.

Now, while that is hardly the gadget of choice to most teachers anymore, I DO have to admit AT THE TIME the kids loved it! The loved being able to come and write on the glass.  The biggest treat was giving away the baby wipe that was used when I wiped down the glass.  The wipe was all tie-dye looking and the kids went crazy to see who was going to win it!

What old school piece of technology was a favorite in your classroom?


  1. Great question! I loved the overhead projectors too! Kids loved having it as a word work center where they could write word wall words or take turns correcting each other's sentences with different colored wet erase markers.

    Laura ~ First Grade Spies

  2. Remember the smell of that purple ink on the... what was it called? Mimiograph, or something like that? Remember that damp feeling when your teacher brought the copies right out of the "machine." Oh, and remember how you'd sometimes get some of that purple powder ink on your hands or clothes?! Didn't that old beast even have a crank handle on it? Yikes! Ah, the good old days!


    1. Julie, I have a confession! As I was writing that post, I had to look up what that transparency projector thing was called! OH! An overhead! My how time flies and the antiques are long forgotten!

      I DO remember the mimiograph! That's scary! Scarier is that our school still had something like that when I got there. It was a heat machine where you put in your original and the transparency type film and it made your transparency for you. We were pretty up-scale! =D

  3. When I came to my school 11 years ago there were only 3 electrical outlets in the entire room!! The 2 nd year it was finally rewired. I love your blog!

    Owl About Us