Monday, February 25, 2013

Really? March is THIS week?

Apparently time DOES fly when you're having fun! I've been so busy working on getting this blog set up that I didn't realize that March was this week! My days are just flying by! I have an incredible (saying this modestly) calendar coming out for March that I am super, super excited about! But, had I realized it was THIS week, I'd have been working on it a little more diligently. However, I am going to have it ready in the next day or two. I call this my FOREVER calendar...and in a couple days you'll see why! I can't wait to post some screen shots when it's through. It's 10:30 now and I'm so tired.. but this calendar is taking FOREVER!! that's NOT why it's called the forever calendar..but at the moment I'm kind of thinking it is! OH MY GOSH! I can't wait to tell you about another sweetie in my class and the project we've been working on. Does it ring of technology? Why, yes it does. And tomorrow I promise to tell you all about it. Is there something you're working on now that you can hardly keep to yourself? You can tell me... It's not like I'll share it with the whole world... oh, wait... =D JoAn

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  1. JoAn, you are like the Queen of Cliff-hangers, aren't you?! Good thing I'm following your blog, so I can keep up with all the news: "the" calendar, the cute kiddo story... I'd hate to miss out! Looking forward to the next installment!