Thursday, October 3, 2013

Apple Centers

Who doesn't love Apple Themes at school?!  We have had such a good time with it.  We even related it to habitats since a star "lives" inside an apple. So here we are.  We've talked about apples, graphed them, and tasted them. Now to stamping with them.  It was exciting to discover the star inside, especially when we were about to stamp with them.  Each child got half of an apple and dipped it in the red paint.  Not all of the kids got the star to show up in their pictures, but the ones who did, were so proud!
The next center was to glue down Apple Jack cereal to their colored apples.  I drew in dots as a guideline to where to put their dots of glue.  They have not had a ton of experience with the glue bottles yet, so I was very impressed that the majority did so well with their dots!

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