Tuesday, March 5, 2013

iPads and iPods in the Classroom

Does anyone have iPads or iPods in their classroom? How many? Anyone have an ENTIRE classroom set? I was wanting to know pros and cons of having an entire set? One thought I had, which I thought there were only PROS on this topic, but does it reduce the time of doing hands on activities when you have them on iProducts only?


  1. I have 6 in my classroom. Last year I only had 2. I love having 6 because I have enough to use them for literacy or math centers. I usually only have 4 kiddos in a group but sometimes I have more. I am not sure I would want a whole classroom set, just from the management and upkeep side. Our tech department download our apps for us (but the pros and cons of that is whole other comment!) but just keeping them all charged and clean and apps up to date takes time. Just my opinion though I might feel differently if I had the opportunity to have a whole class set!

    Clearly Kindergarten

  2. I love to mine in a literacy or math center. It is amazing how a 4 year old can intuitively know which button to press or how they can just keeping doodling around until they figure it out!

  3. I also have six ipods and use it as a rotating center each day. They love them so much I can even bribe them to read their books aloud to me one extra time before playing with it!

    One of the best things I did, in hindsight, was to resist helping them with figuring things out. When they asked me questions ("what does this say?" "what's 5+4?" "What am I supposed to do?" I'd shrug and say "I haven't tried that one yet, you'll have to figure it out on your own!"- and they do! Otherwise I'd have spent the whole time doing most of it for them. Now they just know "Don't bother asking her - we're on our own with these things!" Ha ha! But now they are completely fearless with technology.

    To solve the charging problem I have the ipods on a table with the chargers plugged in and available. I just attach them once they are done playing, or at the end of the day. We also have a class ipad - amazing! Technology has completely revolutionized my teaching. :-)