Sunday, April 7, 2013

Frog Life Cycle COMIC :: The Frog said WHAT?!

I just have to brag on the artwork at Scrappin Doodles!!  They always have exactly what I'm looking for!  With that said... I can humbly say, I LOVE this Life Cycle of a Frog lesson!!  I've made it comic book style to appeal to the kiddos..and hopefully to their teachers, too!

This is for the SMARTboard and has several interactive pieces to it.  Guess the stage the frog is in... label the stage... sort the descriptive words to the correct picture.. and then draw your own comic and tell what YOU think the frog is saying!  I know there is an artist in ALL of us!  Even if your frog has stick legs! =D

I have this linked to the lesson in my store, so you can't really see the details here... Check under my PINS tab to see the full pin.

Here it is!!  YAY


  1. Hey Jo,
    Love the frog comic! I just found you through TBTS, and glad I did, great stuff!!
    The Picture Book Teacher's Edition

  2. Thanks so much Shawna! Good "meeting" you at the chat! Love your blog!!